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Why BankFolio?

bankfolio's Mission

To provide the average consumer with enterprise-grade financial tools for the lowest cost possible without selling or storing their personal data.

Company Values

Business Meeting

Client Centricity

At BankFolio, the client comes first. Our primary focus is to provide personalized, secure, and creative solutions for your financial needs and benefits.


We strive to use the latest industry technologies and security standards. We will always aim to bring you the best quality BankFolio can provide.

Trust and Integrity

All of our decisions are made with the client in mind. We do not and will never share any data pertaining to our customers, not even their email address.


Does an expensive finance app make sense? No. That's why we strive to keep our prices at bare minimum to cover operating costs, and the rest stays in your wallet.

Why we are different


We never share any of your data with third parties. Everything is for your eyes and your eyes only.

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